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Welcome to the fiery pit that is the beautiful symphonic metal of Dance with Dragons. Fans of distorted melodies, haunting keys and catchy vocals have come to the right place.
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Dance with Dragons is a symphonic metalband from the Netherlands. This six headed crew is here to bring you hot riffs and catchy melodies, all wrapped up in an energetic performance.

The sweet, haunting voiced dragonette Hiek brings you an array of stories about love and war, hope and hate. She is supported by the grunts and growls of vocalists and guitarists Michiel and Wouter, and the string theories that escape the fingers of Kenji on keys. Peter provides the double bass drum, whereas Pim puts in a single bass, but with twice the anger.


The musical core of Dance with dragons dates back to 2001. It has since then grown to a sixpack dedicated to bringing you awesome new metal songs. Its members have played the Dutch stages with bands such as Autumn, Eve's Fall and A New Dawn.


Bass guitar

Musical background:
"Long time fan of rock and metal, I started out playing bass in a hardcore metal band. 2 years later, I founded the band that became Dance with Dragons. Since 2014 I'm also the bass player of Sum of Damage Done, which turned out to be beneficial for both bands... and not to mention lots of fun.

Place you want to play:
"013 is one of my favorite venues, although after a visit to Doornroosje I'm not sure what would be my first choice.. guess both will do ;)"

Favorite DwD song:
"I spy, I really like the strong grooves, riffs and contrasts in this song."


Lead vocals

Musical background:
"I've been singing and songwriting since age 12. Next to DwD I sing in the [law-rah] collective. And the shower of course."

Place you want to play:
"Any stage, opening for Pain of Salvation"

Favorite DwD song:
"At this moment I'm crazy about Game. It's a nice shout-along, it has loads of energy and the music and lyrics really come together in this one."


Guitar & vocals

Musical background:
"I grew up listening to the old Pink Floyd and Genesis records of my father. At 21 I discovered Metallica's older albums (kill & ride) and picked up the guitar again. Soon after I met likeminded musicans to form a band, now called Dance with Dragons."

Place you want to play:
"Graspop Metal Meeting, or any large fesival would be awesome"

Favorite DwD song:
"Midnight Pilgrims"


Guitar & vocals

Musical background:
"I started out playing guitar at 15 and it took me like 10 years to actually join the birth of the band Souls of Symphony, major mistake to wait that long. Looking for a vocalist position I joined Ametheon as guitarist / background vocalist, something I try to keep up with at the Ametheon rebirth called Dance with Dragons ;)"

Place you want to play:
"013 really is one of my favorite venues, playing this awesome stage would give me quite a buzz :)"

Favorite DwD song:
"I am totally hooked up on I Spy, such energy! For me this song really embodies what I'd call great music."



Musical background:
"I've started playing drums at age 16. Before DwD i played in several other bands with various styles like punk, prog, blues and metal."

Place you want to play:
"Performing at the 'Melkweg' stage would be nice"

Favorite DwD song:
"I am going to have to say Other World"



Musical background:
"I started playing the piano when I was eight, but stopped in high school. About fifteen years later I started playing again, but now on a keyboard. After Hardcopy and Ametheon, I now play at DWD."

Place you want to play:
"Anywhere with a great audience. Being on stage is what we do it for! I'd like to play at Paradiso, Melkweg or some awesome festivals"

Favorite DwD song:
"My favorite DWD song of this moment is After Dark!"


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    • 03-05-2019, Vlaardingen, KOFA
    • 15-02-2019, Heusden, OJC Jonosh
    • 07-09-2018, Gouda, StudioGonz
    • 31-08-2018, The Hague, Musicon
    • 19-05-2018, Delft, OJV de Koornbeurs
    • 10-12-2016, Mijnsheerenland, JC Question
    • 22-08-2016, Delft, OJV de Koornbeurs
    • 21-05-2016, Oostende (BE), Jeugdhuis OHK
    • 08-04-2016, the Hague, Musicon
    • 02-04-2016, Schiedam, podiumcafĂ© De Graauwe Hengst
    • 19-02-2016, Delft, OJV de Koornbeurs
    • 12-02-2016, Middelburg, Bar American
    • 30-01-2016, Terneuzen, Porgy & Bess
    • 29-01-2016, Vrasene (BE), Brouwershuis (cancelled)
    • 15-01-2016, Wateringen, WPC Nederland 3
    • 21-11-2015, Haarlem, Mike's Music Place
    • 29-08-2015, Gorinchem, PoGo
    • 30-05-2015, Breda, de Boulevard
    • 04-04-2015, Hillegom, OJC Solution
    • 07-02-2015, the Hague, Haags Pop Centrum

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